Davion Dossous's Siders Pond Research (Summer 2022)

This summer, Davion Dossous (high school rising junior) has been working in the Seltzer lab to study changes in physical and biogeochemical properties of Siders Pond (Falmouth, MA) over time. Davion is leading an effort to measure profiles of key parameters (temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity), and he is helping the Wankel and Seltzer labs to study dissolved nitrogen isotopes as biogeochemical tracers.

Davion has team of mentors at WHOI, including Alan Seltzer (Assistant Scientist), Dan Lowenstein (MIT/WHOI PhD student), and Perrin Davidson (MIT/WHOI), and we appreciate the support from Scott Wankel (Associate Scientist), Katelyn McPaul (Research Assistant), and Chad Ostrander (postdoctoral school) in the lab and field to help make Davion's summer research project a success! We are also greatly appreiciative to the Skudder family for generously allowing us to use their dock for our field work this summer. Check out Davion's blog below: