Analytical services

Interested in high-precision noble gas isotope measurements? The Seltzer Lab offers measurements of noble gas isotopes in water and gas samples. We are currently able to measure isotopic and elemental ratios involving the following isotopes: 

Argon (0.005-0.015‰): 40Ar, 38Ar, 36Ar

Krypton (0.015-0.03‰): 86Kr, 84Kr, 82Kr

Xenon (0.02-0.2‰): 136Xe, 134Xe, 132Xe, 131Xe, 130Xe, 129Xe, 128Xe

(a rough estimate of our lab's 1σ precision range for isotope ratios is provided in parentheses next to each noble gas above. This range varies as a function of the isotopes involved and composition of the sample [e.g., air vs. water vs. volcanic gas].)

Depending on nature of your request, we are able to accomodate various sizes and containers. We also offer the option of sending evacuated sampling equipment, tubing, and instructional material for routine sampling of groundwater or seawater. Please reach out to us with any questions, and we'll be happy to work with you to find a good way to meet the specific needs of your project.