Welcome to the Seltzer Lab

@ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Our lab group specializes in applications of noble gases as quantitative tracers of physical processes in & between the atmosphere, ocean, hydrosphere, and solid Earth. Because of their chemical and biological inertness, these special gases (and their isotope ratios, in particular) provide valuable clues that help us to constrain physical models to better understand our planet.

Our current research spans a wide range in both space and time: from using noble gases tracers in the deep ocean to better understand large-scale changes in ocean ventilation in the past, present, and future, to simulating picosecond- and angstrom-scale interactions between dissolved gases and water molecules that give rise to the isotopic signals we observe in nature. To learn more, check out the "Research" page or get in touch!

We'll aim to keep this site updated with current opportunities to join our lab. We are committed to making our lab a welcoming, inclusive environment. To learn more about our commitment and current research opportunities, please check out the "Join the lab!" page.