Join the lab!


Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions about current opportunities in our lab or elsewhere within WHOI. I'll post funded student and postdoc opportunities here as they emerge, and I'm open to finding creative ways to bring anyone on board who has interest in getting involved in our group's research.

Below are links to a few WHOI programs. I'd be happy to discuss any of them.

Lab policies:

Our group is dedicated to ensuring a safe, open, welcoming environment for everyone. No matter the color of your skin, your gender, sexual orientation, religion, or any other aspect of your identity, you are welcome in this lab and you are welcome at WHOI. This is a commitment that includes a series of actions and policies summarized below in our lab code of conduct and advising philosophy:

Once per year, our lab meets to review, discuss, and update a code of conduct

As a prospective student/postdoc/intern, one challenging aspect of finding a lab to join can be determining whether the style of mentorship will be a good match. Below is a brief summary of my philosophy on advising and commitments to fostering a supportive advisor-advisee relationship: